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Founded in the year 2014, our factory has emerged as an exceptional presence in the realm of disposable vape manufacturing. As a subsidiary rooted in the legacy of vape pen pioneers, our journey is deeply intertwined with a tradition of innovation.

Our steadfast dedication to our original principles remains resolute: delivering products of unparalleled quality that elevate the human experience. Our evolution over time has transformed us into a versatile entity, seamlessly weaving together research and development, manufacturing prowess, and the strategic promotion of electronic atomization devices, AI applications, intelligent home appliances, and cross-border e-commerce ventures.

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For well over a decade, we have proudly held the distinction of being amongst China’s pioneering explorers in the realm of electronic vaping and atomization technologies. Our unyielding concentration on this domain has enabled us to not only craft our vision and mission but to live them: envisioning a world where vaping is joyful, smoke enhances well-being, and life is suffused with happiness.

Within the precincts of our contemporary production site, we foster an environment of exacting quality management. Our entire product spectrum, including a series of 11 patented models, adheres rigorously to international benchmarks and regulations. Prominent certifications such as CE, ROHS, GS, SGS, PSE, and ISO stand as testaments to our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence.





As trailblazers in the global landscape of e-cigarette manufacturing, we are fortified with a comprehensive array of cutting-edge machinery. This empowers us to secure the desired quantity and quality that our esteemed global partners anticipate. Among our production facilities, one can find an assemblage of equipment, ranging from automated assembly lines, laser etching and engraving machines, CNC precision tools, liquid filling machinery, automated labeling systems, thermal calibration equipment, to state-of-the-art devices meticulously designed for the assessment of leakage and vapor emissions.

Noteworthy is our daily production capacity of 50,000 units, a true testament to our ability to fulfill a diverse array of orders while adhering to exacting specifications.

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